Benefits of a Lifestyle Lift


  • Natural, attractive, long-lasting results
  • Expert physicians with the most experience
  • Procedures use local anesthetics – the safest method
  • Affordable surgical and non-surgical options
  • Shorter recovery time than traditional methods


Why Choose Us


Lifestyle Lift® physicians – the best experienced team in the business

- have helped nearly 200,000 Americans look years younger – for years.

  1. Excellent Value Your results depend on your physician’s skill and experience, not how much money you pay.
  2. Highly Experienced Specialists Lifestyle Lift physicians perform more face and neck firming procedures in a year than a typicall plastic surgeon does in a lifetime.
  3. Affordable Prices Because of our centralized business operations, innovative medical process and skilled physicians it is now quicker, easier and more affordable than ever to look as young as you feel.
  1. Lasting, natural, younger look You want a new, natural, younger look that will last for years. That’s what you’ll get. A Lifestyle Lift won’t change you. It simply makes you look the way you did years ago.
  2. We did your homework for you. Before you choose a physician there’s a lot you need to know so you can avoid doctors reprimanded by the medical board and those with malpractice problems. Relax – we did the checking for you. Before any physician can join our team we verify all their credentials, record, expertise and caring bedside manner.

Imagine – How would you feel seeing yourself the way you looked years ago? MORE REASONS


- have helped nearly 200,000 Americans look years younger – for years.

No team of specialists is more experienced and dedicated to helping you look younger. doctors-award Lifestyle Lift is the largest group of specialists in the country. When you want to look younger, more toned and energetic you deserve the best. You want an expert working on your face and neck. The best trained, most experienced team of Plastic, Facial Plastic and Head & Neck Surgeons in America is at Lifestyle Lift.

  1. Lifestyle Lift only employs the best.
  2. Each physician (surgeon) must pass a complete background check before they can join our team.
  3. Only specialists that pass our careful screening and 6-8 week interview process can become Lifestyle Lift physicians.
  4. We review our physicians each month.


What do people who’ve had a Lifestyle Lift say about the experience?

Colleen & Jonathan

“My friends and family are all amazed. I’ve had so many friends go out and get consultations, and quite a few have gotten it done for themselves.” “My boyfriend actually went and got his done!”

Why do so many want to look years younger?

  • They want to feel happier and more confident
  • They want to rekindle their love life
  • They want to continue or gain new successful careers
  • The want to regain their old “chemistry” with family, friends, workmates and customers

stars Our patients report: They not only look great, but they feel happier and more confident. The people they care about love their new look. MORE REVIEWS

Can you afford a long-lasting Lifestyle Lift?


In 2012 Lifestyle Lift founder Dr. David Kent, a board certified facial plastic surgeon, won the coveted Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. He made the great younger, natural new look once reserved for the rich affordable to everyday Americans. Two reasons why that great, long-lasting new look traditionally costs more:

  1. Plastic surgeons usually spend half their time, not with patients but running their small business. This is very inefficient; expenses are high.
  2. Plastic surgeons often use I.V. or general anesthesia. This requires patients to pay both a nurse anesthetist and a hospital to remain on alert in case something goes wrong.

Three reasons why the award-winning Lifestyle Lift is more affordable:

  1. We use oral relaxing medication and the kind of safer local anesthetics your dentist uses. There is no need to pay a nurse anesthetist and hospital charges.
  2. Business professionals use our size to get volume discounts and reduce costs.
  3. Lifestyle Lift’s doctors only care for patients. This is much more efficient.


The result: You pay less. Your procedure is significantly safer. And our doctors do more head and neck firming procedures in an average year than most plastic surgeons do in a lifetime. Experience produces excellence. Satisfied patients refer family and friends. Lifestyle Lift procedures are tailored to your needs, goals and budget at your Free Facial Analysis. Only a trained Consultant and doctor can determine your actual cost. But flexible financing can bring costs down to just $6 per day.



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